Cultivate Pro Max Proposal

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us about your website. This proposal should give you an overview of our process, timeline, budget, and scope of work for Cultivate Pro Max.

If our proposal is agreeable, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. After submission, you’ll be able to select your desired start date for your Cultivate Pro Max project.

— Bill & Duane

Our Process

Cultivate Pro is a rapid-delivery process for designing and building a custom theme. We’ve pre-built common functionality most food bloggers need so we can focus our time on making it uniquely your own. We work with you to select the styles, elements, and blocks to make it your own, then build a custom theme based on your selections.

Cultivate Pro includes over 150 unique elements to choose from, 6 key pages, and up to 3 hours of design modifications to cover what most food bloggers need.

Cultivate Pro Max includes everything from Cultivate Pro, plus:

  • A custom designed from-scratch home page intro block, the first thing users see on your home page after the top navigation bar
  • A custom designed from-scratch post header, the first thing users see on your posts after the top navigation bar
  • A custom designed from-scratch category header, the first thing users see on your categories after the top navigation bar
  • A custom designed from-scratch WP Recipe Maker recipe card template design
  • 3 additional hours of design modifications

With Cultivate Pro Max, you get all the built-in efficiency benefits of Cultivate Pro along with completely custom from-scratch elements in the areas that have the most visual impact. If you’d like additional custom blocks, more key pages, or other modifications, we can easily add them through Cultivate Support at our standard hourly rate.

We keep the scope of a Cultivate Pro Max project tight to ensure a quick turnaround at the lowest possible cost to serve the needs of most food bloggers. With Cultivate Support, we address any specific needs you may have beyond that scope.

Our Timeline

Week 1: Design
2 hour design call on Monday; we’ll begin designing your custom theme.

Week 2: Design
We’ll complete your custom theme and Pro Max elements, which you’ll see by end-of-day Friday.

Week 3: Design
Review your design and work with us to make minor design modifications. The revised designs will be ready by end-of-day Friday.

Week 4: Design
Review your design and make final revisions. The finalized designs will be sent to the development team on Friday.

Week 5: Development
Our development team is hard at work building your custom theme.

Week 6: Development
You’ll receive your custom theme for review and testing on your staging environment by end-of-day Friday.

Site Launch
Once you’ve tested and approved the new theme, we’ll copy your live site to your host’s staging environment, configure the new theme, and optimize site speed.


Fees to create your website with Cultivate Pro Max will be $20,000, based on the scope of work, deliverables, and timeline outlined in this proposal. Changes in scope will be addressed separately at our standard rate of $250/hr. Fees are divided into two payments:

  • $10,000 deposit, non-refundable
  • $10,000 balance + any additional hourly additions due by the scheduled launch date.

All invoices must be paid in full prior to site launch.

Scope of Work

  • Design of moodboard, defining the theme’s colors, typography, and style guide
  • 2hr design call to select key components of website, including: site header, post header, category header, site footer, post listings, and blocks
  • Selection of up to 15 custom blocks from the more than 75 different layout options pre-designed in Cultivate Pro. The blocks will inherit their visual style from the moodboard. Blocks include:
    • Landing page blocks: Post Listing, Quick Links, Category Listing, As Seen In, On Page Search, Affiliate Links, About, Cookbook CTA, Email CTA
    • In-Post blocks: Recipe Tip / Callout, Social CTA, Table of Contents, Yoast FAQ
    • Sidebar blocks: Sidebar About, Sidebar Post Listing
    • After Post: Author Box, Social Share, Post Categories
  • Custom from-scratch design of: homepage intro block, post header, category header, and WPRM recipe card
  • 6 key pages designed based on your style guide (from moodboard) and selected blocks: Home, Single Post, Standard Category Page, Cultivate Category Page, Recipe Index, About.
  • The design mockups will feature placeholder content, while the developed theme will be reviewed on your staging environment using your actual content
  • Development of a custom WordPress theme based on the approved designs. The theme will be built and tested on your host’s staging environment.
  • Up to 6 hours of design modifications are included in-scope
  • Inclusion of our private plugins Cultivate Category Pages and Cultivate Video Pages.
  • Permanent access to video training library to guide your team through using your new website.
  • Cultivate Site Launch to deploy the new theme to your site
  • Plugin Audit to reduce unnecessary plugins and optimize remaining plugins.
  • Performance optimization to ensure the new website performs as well as possible in Core Web Vitals

Hosting Requirements

Please ensure your host provides a staging environment where we can build and test the new theme. Most high quality hosts include a staging environment.

If you do not have a staging environment, we can build and test the theme on our server using a partial copy of your site (database with no media). Since most publisher sites have very large upload directories (50GB+) we’re unable to run full clones of all our client sites on our development server. The image URLs will point to your live site so the images will be visible on staging, although there may be some incorrectly sized images. The demo site will let you test the design and functionality of your new theme.

When it is time to launch the site, we prefer direct deployments from staging to production (more information). If your host does not offer this, we can manually deploy directly on the live site (more information).