Support after launch

We plan to be your long term partner and continually improve your theme. After we have launched your site, come back to us any time you have creative support needs — a new block or feature, modifying or redesigning an existing block or element, changing colors/fonts/spacing, etc.

We try to respond and complete small changes within a day or two of your request. Larger changes, especially those that require design mockups and revisions, could take anywhere from a few days to couple of weeks, depending on complexity and scheduling.

Our support is billed at $250/hr in 15 min increments. When possible, we will provide a fixed price for the support. Here are some common support requests and their cost.

Redesign & build any block from Pro (2hr)$500
Redesign & build global element from Pro (2hr)
(header, footer, post header, category header)
Design & build custom WPRM template (4hr)$1,000
Swap WPRM template from another Go theme (0.25hr)$62.50

Cultivate Care is our proactive approach to improving your theme. With every major WordPress release (typically 2–3 times per year), we’ll compile a list of all recommended improvements with à la carte pricing. You can select just the features you want, knowing exactly what they’ll cost, and we’ll implement those updates on your site.