Schedule Go Build

We’re excited to get started on your Cultivate Go theme! Please consult your calendar to ensure you will be available the week of your Go theme build.

You should implement a content freeze on your live site starting from the start date you select (ex: 8am Central on Monday if you selected a Monday).

It takes two days to build your theme and set up the staging site, so if you select a Monday start date, we will deliver the site for review by Tuesday end-of-day.

We recommend you use the review time to test the functionality of the site and customize your homepage + recipe index. You can review our Getting Started Guide so you’re familiar with how the blocks and features of your new theme work.

Our goal is to minimize the length of your content freeze on the live site, so plan to launch the site one or two business days after the site is ready for review (ex: Wednesday or Thursday if you select a Monday start).