What We Do

WordPress Design & Development

CultivateWP was founded to address the needs of high-traffic web publishers. Our team has launched over 20 of the top 100 food blogs. We’ve proven we know exactly how to successfully build and launch publisher sites at scale, no matter if you’re serving 1 million or 50 million pages a month.

Like any agency, we believe websites should be beautiful and easy to use but we also believe they should:

  • be as fast as possible, both for users and Google Core Web Vitals
  • be universally accessible, regardless of individual abilities
  • follow WordPress coding standards and web design best practices
  • be secure, stable, and use minimal plugins
  • have a backend editing experience that’s easy to use

We accomplish this through our co-creative process. Instead of having designers and developers work separately, we’ve built teams where they work together, handing tasks back-and-forth like a hot potato throughout the entire process.

Our designers and developers help each other define site features. They follow the same Atomic Design principles, both in design and in code. They use a shared design system that, using JSON design tokens, matches 1:1 with code. The check each other’s work almost daily to make sure every element is designed and developed in the most performant and accessible manner.

This integrated co-creative process treats performance, accessibility, coding standards, and technical SEO as essential design features—and that’s exactly what Google is measuring with PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse.

That means we’ve found perfect alignment between the way we build sites and the way Google wants sites to be built.

Another key component is our Cultivate Category Pages plugin, which enables you to turn normal category pages into content-rich, curated landing pages that not only rank better in search engines, but are also more helpful for your visitors.

Logos & Branding

A new logo & branding often goes hand-in-hand with a new website. After all, a rebrand is a common reason to redesign a website. The team at CultivateWP can work with you to design a new logo and branding, whether you want to include a re-brand as part of a website project or if you just want a new logo and branding separately.

We’ll learn about your brand and where you want to take it. We’ll devise creative solutions that visually communicate your brand with a new logo—the succinct, memorable representation of your identity. We’ll define several important branding aspects beyond the logo, including colors, typography, and visual elements. We’ll describe the new logo and brand in a guidelines document (PDF) for your future reference.

When coupled with a website, we’ll perform the work as a branding phase prior to the start of the website project itself. You’ll have plenty of time to implement it in your other marketing channels—social media, email campaigns, videos, cookbooks—while the website is being designed and developed.

Ongoing Support & Enhancement

It takes a team to keep your site performing well and adapting to Google’s ever-changing requirements.

When you have new creative needs, you can reach out to us for new features or blocks to extend or modify your website. We can work with you to make changes and additions to your site without having to start over from scratch.

Every 12-18 months, we recommend working with us to review how your site’s performing, if any technical improvements are required, and any new features that may be beneficial. Small iterative improvements once a year will keep your site running at peak performance, so you won’t need a full redesign every 3-4 years.

A technical support partner like NerdPress is highly recommended. They take care of the day-to-day tasks like updating WordPress and plugins, resolving Google Search Console issues, and backing up your site. We work closely with their team, so you can contact them for new technical issues and they will include us if we’re needed.

A high quality web host is essential. Your host is responsible for keeping your site up and loading as fast as possible. If your site goes down, contact your host immediately since they should have 24/7 emergency support. We highly recommend BigScoots but can work with any hosting provider you choose.

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