Jessica Gavin

Jessica Gavin needed a new website and brand to provide the tools she needed to improve site speed and SEO while being mindful of accessibility concerns.

Jessica Gavin

Logo & Branding

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Mobile-first design

We designed the site mobile-first to provide the best experience on mobile phones.

Mobile isn’t just a consideration anymore; it’s the primary way people use the web today. Worldwide mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop. Google has made mobile-first indexing the default. For many publisher sites, we’re seeing 80% of traffic coming from mobile—and when we see data like that, we go mobile-first.

With mobile-first design, we start on mobile to ensure the experience is great and from there, we use responsive design technology to expand layouts with progressive enhancement as browser sizes and capabilities increase.

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WCAG accessibility badge

Designed for Accessibility

We made careful, intentional design choices from the start to ensure the site is accessible.

Every website we design today takes a universal approach to accessibility. Rather than tacking on accessibility at the end, we design for accessibility starting with the very first design decisions we make. We strive to build websites that are usable by all people without the need for adaptation or specialized tools.

During design, we adhere to WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines for type, color, and contrast. During development, we follow WCAG best practices to deliver websites that are perceivable, operable, understandable, and interpretable.

Category landing page feature on Jessica Gavin website

Category Landing Pages

We delivered the tools to build robust, attractive, SEO-optimized category archives.

Our Cultivate Pro plugin expands the default WordPress archives with block-based Category Landing Pages. Instead of a simple reverse-chronological listing of posts, Category Landing Pages use our custom-designed blocks to create visually sophisticated archives featuring a variety of post listings that highlight category and subcategory content.

Category Landing Pages provide increased SEO opportunities, additional content discoverability, and improved user experience while the continuously updated plugin ensures the site is current with our latest improvements.