post at MoMA

The MoMA needed to replace their aging global art critique website stuck on an unsupported proprietary CMS with an ultra-fast, mobile-first, standards-based WordPress website to meet the diverse needs of users around the world with slow or intermittent internet access.

The Museum of Modern Art


Migration to WordPress

We migrated MoMA post from a decade-old proprietary CMS to WordPress.

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. It holds a 64% market share of content management systems and now powers over one-third of the web, with an even greater percentage of the top 10,000 most-trafficked websites.

We help publishers maximize performance with custom WordPress themes that deliver speed and efficiency no off-the-shelf theme can match. For publishers on other CMS platforms, we help them migrate to the WordPress to take advantage of the robust ecosystem and our technical optimization.

Pagespeed Insights logo

Optimized for Pagespeed

At launch, the website scored a perfect 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights

Page Speed is a major ranking factor in the Google algorithm. They understand that when users have a slow experience—especially on mobile—they’re much less likely to find what they’re looking for. Google recommends site owners pay attention to performance metrics to improve user experience.

We help publishers by building custom WordPress themes with the exact features and functionality they need. We follow development best practices to build lean, high performance sites without the superfluous bloat of commercial themes.

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Mobile-first design

We designed, prototyped, and tested the site in mobile device sizes before starting any design work in desktop sizes.

Mobile isn’t just a consideration anymore; it’s the primary way people use the web today. Worldwide mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop. Google has made mobile-first indexing the default. For many publisher sites, we’re seeing 80% of traffic coming from mobile—and when we see data like that, we go mobile-first.

With mobile-first design, we start on mobile to ensure the experience is great and from there, we use responsive design technology to expand layouts with progressive enhancement as browser sizes and capabilities increase.

WCAG accessibility badge

Designed for Accessibility

At launch, the website scored a perfect 100 on Google Pagespeed Insights Accessibility.

Every website we design today takes a universal approach to accessibility. Rather than tacking on accessibility at the end, we design for accessibility starting with the very first design decisions we make. We strive to build websites that are usable by all people without the need for adaptation or specialized tools.

During design, we adhere to WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines for type, color, and contrast. During development, we follow WCAG best practices to deliver websites that are perceivable, operable, understandable, and interpretable.

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Progressive Web App

We deployed MoMA post as an installable Progressive Web App with offline access.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a responsive website that is installable like an app, but can also be used as a traditional website in a browser. Users can add the website to their device home screen like any other app, but unlike a bookmark it will operate without the web browser wrapper. Cached content will even work offline without an internet connection. Even switching between apps looks and feels native.

Unlike native apps, PWAs are discoverable on the open web, not in an App Store, so they benefit from SEO just like a standard website.

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Built for Gutenberg

We created the MoMA post website to take advantage of the Gutenberg block editor, including custom-built Gutenberg blocks.

As early technology adopters, we began developing custom blocks for the new Gutenberg WordPress editor before it officially released. Every site we’ve launched since has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of Gutenberg.

Gutenberg allows publishers to use drag-and-drop blocks to create visually sophisticated content, but the available default options are sparse. With Cultivate VIP, we design additional custom blocks that address the specific display needs of our clients to extend and enhance Gutenberg.


100% Google PageSpeed Insights Performance Rating at launch

100% Google PageSpeed Insights Accessibility Rating at launch

93% Google Pagespeed Insights Best Practices Rating at launch