Bill Erickson

Developer / Co-Founder

I’m a WordPress Developer, an entrepreneur, a husband, a father, and an avid reader living in Georgetown, TX. For fifteen years I have been building custom WordPress websites for businesses and individuals.

I have contributed code to WordPress core, developed plugins which have been downloaded more than 1.2 million times, written hundreds of WordPress tutorials, presented at many WordPress conferences, and organize a local WP Georgetown meetup.

Georgetown, Texas
Team Role:
Organizational lead for technical execution
15+ years
Reading, camping, Texas barbecue

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Redesign Launch

Once you’re ready to approve and launch the redesign, we’ll schedule a day and time for launch. We typically schedule launches for Tuesday or Wednesday mornings – we never launch on Friday because we want to ensure we’re available in the days following the launch to resolve any issues that might come up. At the…

Our Process

Successful web projects depend on deep collaboration between design and development. And that’s exactly what we do.

Import saved content to Slickstream

While Slickstream is primarily used to drive engagement through search, it also includes a content favoriting system. If you are using the Favorites plugin to allow registered users to save their favorite recipes and posts, you may consider migrating this data to Slickstream. You can then remove those users from your WordPress installation and improve…