While Slickstream is primarily used to drive engagement through search, it also includes a content favoriting system.

If you are using the Favorites plugin to allow registered users to save their favorite recipes and posts, you may consider migrating this data to Slickstream. You can then remove those users from your WordPress installation and improve your site’s speed and decrease server resource usage.

Export user data

First, create a CSV file listing all of your users with saved posts. Include their user ID, email, password hash, and array of favorites. I generated this using wp cli:

wp user list --meta_key=simplefavorites --fields=ID,user_email,user_pass,simplefavorites --format=csv > users.csvCode language: PHP (php)

Email this CSV file to Slickstream support and they will add all the user data to your Slickstream account.

The password hash allows users to log into Slickstream using the same password they used in WordPress, but neither Slickstream nor you will know the user’s actual password.

Once the data has been added to Slickstream, you can disable user registration on your site and direct the login links to Slickstream. Keep your existing favoriting system on the site just in case you need to switch back for some reason.

Delete users

Once all of the data is in Slickstream and users are comfortable using the new system, you can remove your old favoriting system and delete the users from your WordPress database.

I do this in batches of 5000, also using wp cli. the -reassign parameter should use a user ID you plan to keep (ex: your personal user ID). If for some reason a subscriber has a published post, WP will change the author to you.

wp user delete $(wp user list --role=subscriber --field=ID --number=5000) --reassign=13Code language: JavaScript (javascript)