Cultivate RSS Builder

Build custom RSS feeds that dynamically list posts based on your selections. Go to Settings > RSS Builder to build your custom feeds.

This plugin is typically used alongside MailChimp or ConvertKit to program curated emails generated by RSS feeds.

RSS Feed Options:

  • Limit to a specific category
  • Order by most recent, most comments, random, or most shares (if Shared Counts is installed)
  • Customize how many posts are included
  • Exclude the first “X” posts using the Offset parameter
  • Change the featured image size included in the feed
  • Exclude posts older than a specific date, or older than a relative date (ex: “3 months ago”)
  • Exclude posts in a specific category
  • Exclude posts in a specific tag


Click this link to download the Cultivate Manual RSS plugin. This will put a zip file on your computer.

In your WordPress site, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and upload the zip file, then activate the plugin.

Note: I’ve submitted this to the WordPress plugin directory, and once approved you’ll be able to install it by searching in Plugins > Add New.

Using the plugin

Once installed, go to Settings > RSS Builder to design your custom RSS feeds. After making your selections, click “Get Feed URL” to generate a custom URL for your RSS feed.