Cultivate Video Pages

Help users find your video content and increase your revenue. We worked with Raptive to build a solution to increase the discoverability and RPM value of your recipe videos.

Cultivate Video Pages creates an archive of all your videos, which links to individual video pages. These video pages feature a large video player at the top of the page, a short description of the recipe, and a link to the full post.

These videos are considered “In-Stream” and can generate a much higher RPM. See these articles from Raptive & Google for more information.

If you are a Raptive publisher, they can automatically import all of your existing recipe videos into Cultivate Video Pages.



Click this link to download the Cultivate Video Pages plugin. This will put a zip file on your computer.

In your WordPress site, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and upload the zip file, then activate the plugin.

Note: I’ve submitted this to the WordPress plugin directory, and once approved you’ll be able to install it by searching in Plugins > Add New.

Building Your Video Pages

Once installed, go to Video Pages > Add New to add a new video. Give the page a title and a short description in the content area. In the right sidebar you can specify the Video Embed Code and the Recipe Post URL:

The video will automatically output at the top of the page, and at the bottom of the content will be a link to the original recipe.

Theme Support

Cultivate Video Pages should work with any WordPress theme, but it works best with a CultivateWP theme or a Genesis theme (including Feast).

If your theme has hooks – either through Genesis or Theme Hook Alliance – the video will display after the site header and above the content area & sidebar.

If your theme does not have hooks, the video will display at the top of the post content.

Developer Customization

This plugin includes filters to allow your theme developer to customize the output. For more information, see the GitHub repo.

Array: Customize the arguments passed to register_post_type()

Array: Customize the body classes added to Video Pages.
Default: [ 'adthrive-video-autoplay', 'dedicated-video-page' ];

True/False: If true (the default), the plugin loads inline styles to make the video 100% wide, 16:9 aspect ratio, and mobile responsive.

String: The class added to the video’s container. Default is .cwp-video. Note that if you change this, you should also disable CSS above because the CSS targets this class.

String: Filter runs on the output of the video, and is used to process auto-oembed and shortcodes.

String: Customize the message added to the bottom linking to original video. Use %s for the URL and title.
Default: '<p><em>This video originally appeared on <a href="%s">%s</a>.</em></p>'