A “Link in Bio” page is a single webpage where you can include multiple links to direct your followers to various destinations such as your social media profiles, blog posts, products, and more. It is a useful tool for social media users, especially on platforms like Instagram where you can only include one clickable link in your bio.

We can include the design and development of an Instagram page as part of your Go, Pro, or VIP project. Or, you can build it yourself using the blocks built into WordPress and your theme.

To get started, log in to your WordPress dashboard and create a new page. Add a title to your page, such as “Instagram Links”, and start building your layout using the Block Editor.

First, add a Buttons block to your page. Customize the button text and link for each button to direct users to your desired destinations, such as an Amazon Storefront or Recipe Index. Make sure to set the buttons to full width to create a clean and organized look. Most users will be viewing this on mobile so be sure to test this page on your phone.

Next, you can add other blocks to enhance your landing page. Consider adding a Post Listing block to showcase your latest blog posts, a Cookbook block to advertise your cookbook, or an About block to introduce yourself.

Here are some great Instagram pages built by CultivateWP which you can use as inspiration: