When setting up your homepage, you probably don’t want the “Home” h1 at the top. There are two different ways we can customize the h1.

Customize the h1

Insert a heading block into the page (typically near the top) and type in the title you would like, then change this from an h2 to an h1.

The default “Home” title is not displayed if the page content already contains an h1, so this lets you customize the text, font size, and position of the h1 on the page.

Hide the h1

Alternatively, you might want to have no visible h1 on the page. Follow the same steps as above (add a heading block to the page, with the title you want, and change it to an h1), then in the right sidebar under Advanced > Additional CSS Classes, add a class of front.

This will make the heading completely hidden on the frontend, and faded (but still visible) on the backend so you can still edit it.

Video Tutorial