A block pattern is a pre-defined group of blocks that you can insert into your post, rather than having to insert each block individually.

If you want to use a standard template for your recipe posts, a block pattern is a perfect fit!

How to create your Recipe template

  1. Go to Appearance > Patterns and click “Add New Pattern” at the top
  2. Give it a name (ex: “Recipe Template”)
  3. Make sure you uncheck the “synced” option (see below).
  1. You’ll be taken to what looks like the Edit Post screen, but this lets you edit your new pattern. Add all the blocks and content you would like to include in your default recipe template.
  2. When you are done making edits, click “Publish” in the top right. You can always come back and edit this pattern in Appearance > Patterns.

WordPress has renamed “Reusable blocks” to “Synced Patterns”. A synced pattern keeps the content in sync everywhere it has been used, so if you insert it and edit it in a post, it will automatically update in all other posts. While useful for reusable content (ex: affiliate disclosure), it’s not what we want for our recipe template.

How to use your Recipe Template

  1. Go to Posts > Add New and give your new post a name
  2. Click the blue “+” button in the top left, then click Patterns > My Patterns > Recipe Template