Accessing the staging site

Once initial development is complete, the website will be ready for review in a staging environment. I will provide you with links to all pages, logins, and detailed editing instructions.

There are two sets of logins, which can be a bit confusing. Review the notes and screenshots below to understand which login goes with which login form.

The frontend login is required to access anything on the site (frontend, backend, images or other files on server…).

The backend login is required to edit content in WordPress.

Frontend Login

The frontend login (also known as basic authentication) prevents search engines and unauthorized visitors from seeing your new website. Once you type it in, it uses cookies so you don’t have to type it in for a week or two.

If the site is hosted at BigScoots, the username and password will be “dev”. The login is the same for everyone accessing the site, and looks like this:

Backend Login

The backend login allows you to edit the site’s content and settings. You can access the dashboard by adding /wp-admin to your main site’s URL.

Every site editor will have a unique username and password. Your username is usually your name or email address. The login form looks like this: