Post Listing Block

The Post Listing block enables you to dynamically display specific posts across your site. It’s one of the tools you’ll use the most to build your homepage and your Cultivate Category Pages.

After adding the block, customize the title. This is a fully editable block area so you can add introductory text or anything else you’d like in this title section.

In the settings for this block, you can choose from a number of different layout options. Because we take a “mobile first” design approach, some of these layouts appear differently on mobile screens. It’s a good idea to preview what your site will look like on a mobile device.

For instance, the “4up Full” and “4up Grid” layouts both show 4 columns on desktop. The “4up Full” layout will show one column of full width posts on mobile, while the “4up Grid” will show two columns on mobile.

By default, the Post Listing block shows your most recent posts. But you can also choose to display your most popular posts. If you’re adding this block to a single post or a block area that appears on single posts (ex: After Post, Sidebar), you can choose to show related posts from the current post’s category, either sorted by most recent or most popular.

You can also select “Manual” to manually select exactly which posts will appear and in what order.

You can also limit the posts to one or more specific categories. If you select multiple categories, it will only return posts in both of those categories.

Finally, you can customize the Read More text and URL. If you’re filtering posts by a specific category, you could set the Read More URL to go to the category page. If you’re filtering by multiple categories (ex: “Thanksgiving” and “Appetizers”), you might want to link to a roundup post that shows more of these posts.