WP 6.5 Updates

Which each major release of WordPress, we now provide an à la carte menu of new features and improvements you may want added to your site.

For WP 6.5, our recommended improvements include:

  1. Minor improvements:
    • Post Listing block, add option to sort by recently updated
    • Archive pagination, fewer links for better mobile navigation
    • Add Sidebar 6up post listing layouts
    • Remove link from comment date (reduces DOM nodes)
    • Fix issue that could make button text not editable in block editor
    • Fix image height issue in block editor
    • Add Form ID to form selector (useful when you have multiple forms with the same name)
  2. Seasonal Content block, which lets you set a start and end date for when certain blocks will be visible (more information)
  3. Save Recipe in WPRM, which adds a “Save this recipe!” form in the recipe card, emails the user a link to the current post, and subscribes them to your newsletter.

The Save Recipe form requires that you already have SMTP configured on your server, which is a way to send emails from your WordPress website without them being seen as spam emails. If you are hosted with BigScoots, please send them a support request asking them to set up SMTP on your site.

Most other hosts do not include SMTP as part of their service offering, so if you’re hosted elsewhere, we recommend signing up for an SMTP service like SendGrid or MailGun, then purchasing a WP Mail SMTP Pro plan which includes White Glove Setup, then send a support request to WP Mail SMTP requesting a White Glove Setup, and provide them with your SMTP service login and your domain registrar login (ex: Godaddy or Namecheap). They’ll set up SMTP on your domain.

If you would like the Save Recipe form as part of your updates, please wait until SMTP is configured on your site to fill out the form below.

WordPress 6.5 Recommended Improvements