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Our entirely new way to design & develop custom WordPress themes faster and more affordably than ever.

How does Cultivate Pro compare to our traditional themes?

One-third the cost

3x faster delivery

Same great technology

Clients using Cultivate Pro include:

What makes Cultivate Pro different?

A better process

A custom theme made just for you.

Cultivate Pro isn’t a pre-built theme. We design and develop a custom theme made just for you, but rather than starting from a blank page, we start with good choices based on our years of experience creating successful food blogs.

We work with you to select the styles, elements, and blocks to make it your own, then build a custom theme based on your selections.

Faster Delivery

Delivered 3 times faster than ever.

Our traditional custom themes take about 12 weeks to design and develop. In contrast, our Cultivate Pro rapid design & development process allows us to create a fully custom theme in just 4 weeks.

We spent over a year (and thousands of hours) developing this entirely new design+code toolset. Quite literally, there’s nothing else like Cultivate Pro.

More affordable

One-third our traditional cost

Our traditional custom themes power over 20 of the top 100 food blogs. We’ve launched a ton of food blogger sites, but they were mostly for the biggest sites with millions of page views.

With our new 3x faster process, Cultivate Pro is just one-third of our typical fees. That means we can help even more publishers grow and thrive.

Our best technology

No technology compromises.

When creating Cultivate Pro, our guiding principle was that it needed to deliver a technical solution every bit as good as our traditional custom themes. We absolutely refuse to compromise on the quality of our technology.

That means Cultivate Pro themes are just as fast, secure, easy to use, feature-rich, and well-coded as our Cultivate VIP themes—but at a third the cost and delivered three times as fast.

Included with Cultivate Pro:

Cultivate Category Pages

Cultivate Category Pages enables you to turn normal category pages into content-rich curated landing pages that not only rank better in search engines but are also more helpful for your visitors.

All CultivateWP themes are:

Mobile First

Designed how your audience sees it.

Our mobile-first design ensures your site looks great and functions seamlessly on any device, putting the needs of your mobile users first.


Universally accessible, regardless of abilities.

We bake in accessibility from day one and test through design and development so your site is inclusive to all users.


Created following SEO expert guidance.

We work closely with industry SEO experts, integrating their guidance into every design and development decision we make.


Fully tokenized from design to code.

Our design and development process is interlinked through a fully tokenized design+code system utilizing theme.json in WordPress.


Thoroughly utilizing the WordPress block editor.

We fully utilize the block editor with a backend editing experience that matches the frontend on posts, pages, categories, after-post, and sidebars.

Coding Standards

Built the right way with WordPress standards.

We’re all about doing things the WordPress way, follow coding standards, and keep up-to-date with the latest features.


Designed & developed to be uncommonly fast.

Instead of starting with design and then trying to optimize for speed, we begin with smart design choices that can be built to be fast from the start.

Core Web Vitals

Able to pass Core Web Vitals with flying colors.

Core web vitals play a crucial role in determining your website’s ranking, so we make sure your site is designed and developed to ace every metric.

“From the day my new theme launched, I have noticed nothing but positive changes. In addition to an all-around better user experience, I’ve noticed higher RPMs and increased email signups.

I also love the functionality I have on the backend with the Cultivate Pro blocks that allow me to display my most relevant and helpful content. I couldn’t be more pleased!”

Erin Collins, Meaningful Eats

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