Setting up staging


If you’re hosted with BigScoots, please add [email protected] as a collaborator with “Full” access (instructions here).

All Other Hosts

  1. Please provide us with cPanel access
  2. Please provide us with FTP or SFTP access to both your live site and staging site.
  3. Please ask your host to create a staging environment environment for us. We’ll use it for our technical audit, as well as building and testing your new theme. A few tips:
  • They can exclude the wp-content/uploads directory which will drastically reduce the storage requirements. We’ll use BE Media from Production to reference the live site’s media.
  • We recommend enabling basic authentication so the staging site is not indexed. If possible, set the username and password to “dev” (we don’t need a complicated password since we’re just blocking Google from indexing).
  • If possible, please provide me with SSH access using this public key. We’ll often need wp cli to run custom data migrations.